Live Meditation Events in the Metaverse

Earth Star Meditation & Discussion

Join us on April 21st for an enlightening Earth Star Meditation and insightful discussion on deepening our connection to the planet and each other.

Joining Instructions

  1. Create a VR Chat Account:

    If you don't have a VR Chat account, visit VR Chat's website to create one.

    Download and install the VR Chat application on your computer via Steam or VR Device.

  2. Launch VR Chat:

    Open the VR Chat application on your computer or VR device.

  3. Login:

    Log in using your VR Chat account credentials.

  4. Navigate to Worlds:

    Once logged in, find the "Worlds" tab in the VR Chat menu.

  5. Search for "Violet Flame Experience":

    Use the search bar to find "Violet Flame Experience" Make sure the spelling is accurate.

  6. OR join the world using the invite link:

    Join the world using the invite link:

  7. Join "Violet Flame Experience":

    Click on the world thumbnail or name to view details.

    Click the "Join" button to enter "Violet Flame Experience"

  8. Wait for Loading:

    Wait for the world to load. This may take a few moments depending on your internet connection.

  9. Custom Avatars (Optional):

    Feel free to customize your avatar before entering "Violet Flame Experience". Visit the "Avatar" menu to choose or create a unique look.

  10. Explore and Interact:

    Once inside "Violet Flame Experience", explore the environment and interact with other users. Use VR Chat's controls to move, chat, and express yourself.

  11. Have Fun and Respect Others:

    Engage in conversations, activities, and events happening in "Violet Flame Experience". Remember to be respectful and considerate to create a positive experience for everyone.

  12. Report Issues:

    If you encounter any technical issues or have feedback, use VR Chat's reporting tools or contact the world owner/administrator.

  13. Connect on Social Media (Optional):

    Join our social media community to stay updated on events, announcements, and connect with other members.

  14. Invite Friends:

    Share the joy! Invite your friends to join "Violet Flame Experience" and experience the virtual adventure together.

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